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A Frequency modulated reality lens is a fractal image processing technique that can analyze light interference patterns activated by CMOS imaging sensors utilizing light information on a digital imaging device. FMRL finds its experimental applications in varied fields from healthcare to agriculture to derive new quantitative metrics utilising the theoretical frameworks of information theory and machine learning.


Quantum atmug primer taktung is an audio visual guided meditation application made in collaboration with 96hz. This music application has been made incorporating innovative mathematical music theory created by Andreas Korber following the laws of pythagorean temperament scaling system.


Vibrasonix has been pioneering innovative vibroacoustic tactile devices for a range of applications, including sound rejuvenation and digital detox. We have been developing the cross platform media interface application for the Vibrosonix devices.

Yukthi App

Yukthi App the first edu tech platform in native tamil language for NEET preparation of children from government supported schools across the state.


  • Siddhar AI- Virtual beings of ancient sages as an initiative to retrieve the legacy of the past to provide relevance in the now.
  • Digital Compassion Friend: Clinical Assistive AI Friend - as intervention for coping up with neurodegenerative, neuropsychological disorders, terminally ill conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Autism, Parkinsons, etc, as well as, for the deployment in emergency and narrative medicine sectors such as end-of-life care units, hospices, and palliative cares.
  • AI Generated_ Ethical Regulation Policies.
  • Life Koans Guide From Unreal AI Friend.
  • Publications, Educational and Pedagogical Models and Narratives.
  • AI Meets Life: Ontological and Epistemological Discourses on the Nature of Life and Reality.
  • Digital Species (Touch Conscious Creature)
  • Apps, Codes, and Generative Role Play Games (GRPG)
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