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Our mission is to reduce the gap in time between research to product in the market. By using rapid prototyping tools and software we help carefully craft the life-cycle of ideas.

Product Development

Novelty and innovation inspire us, at thoughtseed lab we pursue ideas and work to complete the cycle of inspiration to development and back to inspiration.

Scientific Studies

Product testing through a wide array of methods to derive unique insights which often could be the key factors for delivering utmost experience to consumers.

Mind Body Studies

With the combination of Biosensors and qualitative research questionnaire and survey tools we triangulate the participants' answers in surveys with their biosensor recordings.

Therapeutic Modality Testing

We are open for collaboration with anyone with an inspirational idea to enrich the human experience on the planet.

We use computational methods like natural language processing, semantic analysis and many industrial accredited tools to provide key insights on the consumer mindset, product market fit and assist the product developers to integrate these insights to elevate the overall experience.

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