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In the process of co-creation every now.

mycology meeting productional design

We are inspired by the fungal networks in nature and their efficiency in creating complex networks and form a larger integrated system with its surroundings.

Architecture and functional design using mushrooms and mycellium
products made from bio sustainable mushroom based raw materials

An ideological approach we ́ve designed a modular system for the fast prototyping of the fungal networks and its integration with other systems for the development of complex smart systems.


We view mechanics of mimicking Nature as a fundamental characteristic and core principle that we could potentially borrow.


The dynamic interplay between the physical matter, biological life and phenomenology of the mind & consciousness.

Buckminster fullher's design of geodesic domes
mycellium netwrok found under mushrooms

The main idea is that the mycelium network is the backbone for the construction of a complex system for sensing, communication and power supply leading towards more sustainability.We think in diverse languages such as molecular biology, evolutionary biology, neuroanthropology, evolutionary anthropology, artificial & synthetic life, complex systems theory, neuroscience, neurophilosophy, neurotheology, cognitive, affective & social psychology, human ergonomics, continental phenomenology, and analytic philosophy to argue that life and consciousness form a more synergistic, symbiotic & continuum matrix, than previously been conceived or accepted.

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