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The design philosophy espoused by us transcends the physical boundaries of art and science, and equates to the very attempt at seeking an understanding and meaning of the Unconditional.


We actively partner with different organizations, independent groups, spiritual societies, and holistic wellness experts to conduct scientific studies on mind-body interactions, modality evaluation, protocol evaluation, to help foster innovation and growth.In the process we work closely with the demographics, by carefully implementing experimental surveys and tailored scientific assessment modules to draw unconscious insights from the agent.


We are in the process of creating the first geodesic mushroom culture farm in India, which will have sensors incorporated into them to make self regulating chambers. In this process we are experimenting in biophysical means of growth and yield improvement using life promoting harmonic frequencies and structurally reinforced treated water.

Digital Art

Our group holds expertise in new media art and creative coding for everything from designing smart landscapes to interactive spaces. Our team’s work has found a permanent exhibit at the first art museum devoted to technological art Sensistan in Goa, India.

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