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Augmented Reality Technologies

Projection mapping and brain computer interface explorations

We are inspired by the advancements of VR and AR and are actively exploring new technologies and platforms to enhance our creative expressions. We are collaborating on many global projects with trans-disciplinary experts to extend our network capabilities and exposure.


Enabling the child like exploration powered by the integration of technology and biology.

Healing & Wellness

Biofeedback installations to encourage and restimulate the homeostatis of the body.


Exploring the realms of connections and interdependency between nature and technology.

Multi Sensory

Through integration of multifaceted data in different applications, biological data is acquired in to an easy-to-use feedback system.

Brain computer installation at sensistan goa, India
Spirits encountered as mentioned in the Tibetian book of the dead
Tibetian book of the dead

Our research in this area is about the transformative changes that Mixed reality eco-systems can bring. We are developing a multimodality sensory syncronization suite of Biosensors and Software for recreational healing through entrainment. This will be a feature in the OASIS (Open Advanced Sensory Immersion System) ecosystem.

Fully immersive and sensory reactive worlds

As part of this, we are working on a narrative immersive experience of the Tibetian book of dead which is inspired by the famous Buddhist literature bardo thodol.

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